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Price 17,000.-bht

What is the Cybook?
The Cybook is an electronic book, it is a portable device that lets you read as you do on paper everywhere you go.
You can now take along all your digital documents with you on a device as small and light as a paperback. The Cybook is perfectly readable in a wide range of lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.

What does the Cybook look like?
The Cybook simply looks stunning with its frosty black finish and its navigation pad on its front side.
With the size of a paperback, the thickness of a magazine and a weight of a mobile phone, the Cybook is truly mobile and can be easily arranged in a hand bag. The Cybook design is definitely beautiful and stylish.

Easy on the eyes?
The Cybook screen possesses a paper-like high contrast appearance. Like a sheet of paper, it can be viewed from nearly any angle, doesn't show any flicker effect and has a high resolution. When you read, you have no eyestrain and it definitely gives you the experience of reading from paper.

How long does the Cybook battery last?
As long as the Cybook E Ink® screen displays the same page, there is no power consumption. This technology drastically reduces power needs. Thus, the Cybook offers an impressive battery lifetime of 8,000 page flips on a full charged battery. It corresponds to a two (2) month battery lifetime for an average reading pace of 80 pages per day.

What can I read?
Almost any digital documents. The Cybook supports many open formats like HTML, Txt, PRC, PalmDoc and PDF. These formats are commonly found on Internet and can be easily generated by many text editors. All these files support font resizing except PDF files which can be zoomed.

Where can I buy contemporary titles?
The Cybook supports the MobipocketTM secured eBook format. This encrypted format enables the Cybook user to get access to one of the biggest catalogue of contemporary copyrighted titles with publishers like Random House, Penguin, Simon & Schuster or Harlequin.
You will find more than 200 eBook retailers on the web which propose MobipocketTM files.

How many books can I carry?
The 512 MB Cybook internal memory can contain several hundreds of books. You can also extend your storage capacity with SD cards storing several thousands of digital documents.

How can I add new files to my Cybook?
Connect the Cybook with the USB cable to any host computer and drag and drop your files. That's it, your new content is in the Cybook, ready to be displayed.
No software installation, no synchronization process, no file conversion and most of all the Cybook is compatible with any kind of host computer (Windows®, Linux, Mac®).

What else?
The Cybook can display many image types like JPEG, GIF and PNG. These images are automatically resized and displayed as on a digital frame device.
The Cybook can also play MP3 files along with the reading of a book.

Hardware specification

Size: 4.7" x 7.4" x 0.3" (118 x 188 x 8.5 mm)

Weight: 6.13 ounces -174 g (battery included)

Screen: 6" E Ink® Vizplex screen [4.8"x3.6"- 122mmx91mm]
600x800 pixels, 166 dpi B&W, 4 grayscale ,Daylight readable,

No backlight, Portrait and landscape mode

Controls: buttons "ON/OFF", "Up ", "Down", "Right ", "Left", "Enter ", "Delete", "Menu", "Music".

Power Supply: Universal AC 100~240V, DC 5V 700mA
Plugs: Euro 2Pin, UK 3Pin, US 2Pin

Operating System: Embedded Linux

Software suite: Bookeen® Multi-format eBook reader
Supported image formats: JPG, GIF, PNG
Supported sound format: MP3

Sound: 2.5mm stereo earphone connector

Expandability: SD card slot

Case: Brown case

Certification & Regulation: FCC/CE

Color: Frosted black

Battery: Rechargeable built-in Li-Polymer battery (1000 mAh)
8,000 screen refresh battery life

Processor: Samsung® S3C2410 ARM920T 200MHz

ROM memory: 8 MB

RAM memory: 16 MB

Storage memory: 512 MB

Connectivity: USB Client (v2.0) - Mini USB B connector

In the box: Cybook eBook reading device ,USB cable ,Quick Start Guide
Charger (Deluxe version) ,Case (Deluxe version) ,2GB SD card (Deluxe version)
Extra battery (Deluxe version) ,Stereo earphones (Deluxe version)

software specification

Bookeen software version: 1.0

Upgrade procedure: via SD card (both OS and reading application can be upgraded)

Language support: all languages except right-to-left ones(1)(2)

(1)Right-to-left languages as Hebrew and Arabic can be displayed correctly only in PDF files.

(2)Certain languages need fonts to be copied to the device.

> Format support (Version1.0)

eBook formats

Format name

Format description




MobipocketTM is an encrypted and unencrypted format. The Mobipocket available titles are part of one of the biggest catalogue of contemporary copyrighted eBook titles.


See Mobipocket sub-section


PalmDoc is the historical eBook file format for Palm digital assistant.


PalmDoc are encapsulated in PDB files. eReader PDB files are not supported.


HTML is the web pages open format.


Frames, javascript and tables are not supported.


TXT or text format is a very simple format made of raw text.


Text files using a specific font (like Cyrillic) need a modification in Cybook settings.


PDF is an open standard format largely used for digital documents.


Adobe® DRM and forms are not supported

Image formats


JPG files


Dithered images can be resized and zoomed.


GIF files


Dithered images can be resized and zoomed.


PNG files


Dithered images can be resized and zoomed.

Sound formats


MP3 files


DRM not supported

Font formats


TrueType font files


TTF files can be added to the device. The books will be able to use these fonts for layout. Mandatory for certain languages.

eBook features

Feature name

Feature description



Turn page

Turn page forward/backward


Applicable to all formats

Jump to page

Jump to a specific page


Applicable to all formats

Progress bar

Display position in the book


Applicable to all formats

Font increasing

Increase font size and reflow text automatically


Not applicable to PDF

Font family modifying

Modify font family and reflow text automatically


Not applicable to PDF
TTF font file can be added to pre-installed fonts set

Display header

Display/hide header information (title)


Not applicable to PDF
Title is displayed only when available


Activate hyperlink within text or image


Not applicable to hyperlink which points outside the document

Dictionary lookup

Lookup word definition or translation from loaded dictionaries


Dictionaries are in Mobipocket format, no built-in dictionary, can work with several dictionaries at the same time


Add bookmark to a page


Bookmarks can be deleted and can be synchronized with Mobipocket Desktop Reader


Switch layout to landscape mode


Applicable to images and PDF files


Zoom page


Only available for PDF format and images with a limited set of zoom possibilities

Library settings

Modify number of items displayed per page


Covers are displayed when available, thumbnails are displayed for images

Filter library

Filter by document type (eBooks, pictures, music)


Sort library

Sort documents (title, filename, size…)


eBooks, images and music files don't mix


Start/stop slideshow between images or eBooks


Slideshow delay can be tuned

Flashing deactivation

Deactivate/activate flashing between screen


Deactivating flashing increases ghosting effect

Auto shut-off

Activate/deactivate auto shut-off


After a certain settable delay of inactivity the device shuts off by itself

Play MP3

Playback MP3 files


MP3 playing is possible in parallel with other activities. You can increase/decrease sound volume. DRM is not supported.

RSS/eNews synchronisation

Generate a custom newspaper with RSS feeds and synchroinize it via USB with Cybook


Only available on PC with MobipocketTM desktop software

> Mobipocket features

Huge catalogue:

The Mobipocket eBook format allows you to read any of the 45,000 premium or 10,000 free titles that are available from hundreds of publishers around the world. Mobipocket books are not just available in English, but also in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Polish and Russian and you will be able to buy them from nearly 200 online resellers!

Cross platform:

Mobipocket files can be read on Cybook, but also on PDAs or PCs. Your downloaded files can be encrypted for several devices at the same time. For example you can either use your MobipocketTM dictionnary on your PC and on your Cybook

MobipocketTM Desktop Reader:


The free Mobipocket Desktop Reader software(3) which is available from the Mobipocket website allows you to easily download and manage your books. It contains a library that gives you an overview of all your books and with the press of a button you can transfer them to your Cybook. Through the built-in shop interface you browse the online bookstores from Mobipocket and its resellers (please check Mobipocket Desktop Reader description page to get more information).

(3)for Microsoft Windows only. This software is not required for buying and downloading Mobipocket books.

MobipocketTM eNews

The latest news on your Cybook or reading your favorite website offline? This is now possible with the revolutionary RSS eNews feature of the MobipocketTM Desktop Reader software(4). The software allows you to easily synchronize RSS feeds from any website to your Cybook. To learn more about eNews.

(4)for Microsoft Windows only. This software is required for generating and downloading MobipocketTM eNews.

Create your Mobipocket digital documents

You can also use the MobipocketTM Desktop Reader to create your own digital documents by converting office documents (Word, RTF, Excel, Powerpoint) , CHM or OCF to Mobipocket format. You can thus easily transfer them to your Cybook and read them.

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